How to Show Off Philly to Your Holiday Visitors: Part 2

The Cousin You See Once a Year Passyunk: You don’t see each other often, and you wouldn’t run in the same social circles, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get along. You watch the same Netflix series and don’t have to explain what HQ Trivia is (no Uncle Gary, it’s an app, not a place), so... Continue Reading →


How to Show Off Philly to All Your Holiday Visitors: Part 1

“You know what would be fun? Why don’t you all come to my place this year for the holidays!” – You, 4 months ago You, now: Ah the holidays. That time of year when families come together from all over to spend quality time with each other. Except this year, your family isn’t just coming... Continue Reading →

It’s Time for Hotels to Catch Up

"’Tourist’ has become a dirty word in the hospitality business. The preferred word? Local.” The New York Times opened their article with this statement on one of the largest trends in the hotel industry: promoting local experiences. Go to any hotel today and you don’t see people just lounging around. People want to interact with... Continue Reading →

Changing Business Travel For The Better

Think about today’s most renowned offices. Long gone are the days of the cubicle, replaced with ping-pong tables, video games, and kitchens filled with snacks (and sometimes beer!). Companies have overhauled their working spaces to not just cater to the younger generation, but to also create a more welcoming environment in an attempt to balance... Continue Reading →

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