“Under-the-Radar” European Vacation Spots

Top Vacation Spots that Remain Under the Radar in Europe

Choosing the best destinations to visit when planning a European travel itinerary can often be a daunting task. We all know about London and Paris, but what about the cities with little to no lines of tourists?

If you’re traveling overseas, make sure to include one of these cities in your voyage to get a different feel of Europe. Here is our list of must see destinations this summer.

Pag Island, Croatia

Pag Island, Croatia
Pag Island, Croatia. South of the modern town, Old Town Pag has an archaeological site and the ruins of a Franciscan monastery. To the north, Zrce Beach, in the town of Novalja, is a nightlife hub.

Pag Island is the fifth largest island in Croatia, but happens to be the one with the largest coastline. This hidden gem in the Mediterranean boasts some of the most distinct architecture perfectly paired with beautiful landscapes. Sometimes more known for its wild side of hosting international parties, the island has much more to offer in terms of cuisine and culture. While on the island, make sure to try the delicacies specific to the region. Because of its topography, the local cuisine will have a special characteristic. It is mandatory to try the Pag cheese, a local delicacy, and the olives that are locally sourced. If you feel adventurous, visit the Lace Museum housing some of the most intricate art using, you guessed it, lace.

Matera, Italy

Matera, Italy
Matera, Italy. The best city in Italy you’ve never heard of.

Matera might possibly be one of the most interesting destinations in Italy due to its unimaginable history. The entire city is known for being built on stone with the genius design of building houses upon houses. Residents at the time would carve houses from rock and this can still be seen in the present day. The city is now divided into the old and new part of the city. The old part, Sasso Caveoso, is full of rich history. Spend hours wandering around and exploring every part of this city by foot (you’ll have to, there is only one road in Sasso Caveoso).

Mdina, Malta

Mdina, Malta
Mdina, Malta. A former capital city and home to nobility.

Mdina is a beautiful city away from the coastal tourist spots of Malta. Here, you’ll find a finely preserved city that has been around for more than 3000 years. Sitting on a hill with fortification, the city has views of the island that are uncomparable. Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral to see a masterpiece of the baroque era. In a city like Mdina, a plan is not the most sensible solution to get to know the city. We encourage you to get lost in its winding streets and discover squares and baroque facades all across the city. Stop and try the traditional Mediterranean cuisine of the region, which usually includes fish, beans and asparagus. If time allows, visit Rabat and see the remains found dating back to the first century.

Pelion, Greece

pelion, greece
Pelion, Greece. The Pelion Peninsula, according to Greek legend, was the site chosen by the gods for their revelries and holidays.

When we speak of secluded, picturesque paradises, Pelion should be at the forefront. This specific region of Greece is completely entranced in natural beauty from a mountain range to crystal clear bays. Due to this diversity in its natural landscape, the region can be visited all year round. Another major plus is the proximity to major areas like Athens, which is 3 to 4 hours away by car. If hiking through rugged mountains and descending to stunning beaches is your thing, make sure to add Pelion to your travel itinerary. Here, you’ll be able to discover genuine Greek hospitality and food that will leave your palate satisfied for days.

Vannes, Brittany

Vannes, Brittany. Wander around the well-preserved medieval streets before enjoying a harbor-side lunch then taking a boat trip around the gulf.

One of the hidden treasures of France and of the Brittany region is Vannes. The entire city is within a wall consisting of powerful towers and gates. Within these walls, you’ll find close to 280 monuments and a distinct architecture that is unique to the region. The medieval town with half-timbered houses is a sight on it’s own. We recommend to spend a day walking around the small streets to get a feel for the city’s character and after stop by the harbour and have a nice glass of wine to unwind. To get another view of the city, set sail by renting a boat and see the impressive walls from a different perspective.

Girona, Spain

Girona, Spain
Girona, Spain. It’s known for its medieval architecture, walled Old Quarter (Barri Vell) and the Roman remains of the Força Vella fortress.

The ancient Catalan city of Girona makes it more appealing by its proximity to Barcelona, the Pyrenees, and the beautiful beaches of Costa Brava.  Within the city, there are several points of interest that are exceptional. One of the most astonishing sights that epitomizes the ancient city can be seen from the Onyar River. Walk across the legendary Eiffel Bridge and make sure you have your camera ready. To see the city in its entirety, take a walk on the medieval walls, which surround the eastern border of the city. Here, you’ll have great vantage points, while standing on a piece of history.

Preserved for more than 500 years is the Jewish Quarter, these narrow neighborhoods and streets are filled with character. Walk through the heart of Girona on cobblestoned lanes and navigate the maze of streets that will certainly astonish you.

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